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Pictures from some of our installations

Slave Pallet System
Slave Pallet System
Electrical and Air Components
Slave Pallets

This packaging system uses metal slave pallets, designed and manufactured by Newell, to automatically strap concrete pavers on each row with a 5/8" polyester strap. The slave pallets are dispensed by the cuber, and the pavers travel on the slave pallet through the strapping process. An automatic wooden pallet dispenser after the strapping equipment lifts the strapped cube off of the slave pallet, and it is discharged. The slaves automatically accumulate on a scissors lift using a Newell overhead pusher. The conveyors used are Newell 2000 Series close roller center conveyors with AC Variable Frequency Drives.

Newell 2005 Conveyors Newell 2005 Conveyors Newell 2005 Conveyors Newell 2005 Conveyors Newell 2005 Conveyors

This system automated strapping concrete blocks, receiving the block from a cubing machine (existing) and automatically strapping 5/8" polyester straps on the center of each block. The corners have Retrax despensers to help contain the load, and automatic cutoff between cubed loads. The conveyor is Newell 2005 Series with 7ga wall thickness to extend roller life under the harsh conditions of a concrete block plant.

Newell 2000 Conveyors with Signode Strapper Newell 2000 Conveyors with Signode Strapper Newell 2000 Conveyors with Signode Strapper

This packaging system integrated two Newell 2000 Series conveyors with a Signode MCD-710P automatic strapping machine. The strapping machine is capable of strapping around a load on a slip sheet or through a pallet void using a pallet void feeding attachment (PVFA). Our system automatically receives a load from the existing system conveyors, applies two straps at a fixed location, and discharges onto the existing outfeed conveyors. Loads can accumulate on both zones, and the controls interface with the existing control system, using an Allen Bradley MicroLogix programmable controller.

Mathews Infeed Conveyor with Lumber Chain Conveyor, PSF-2, Air Operated Transfer Mathews CDLR Conveyor, Dropoff Station, PSF-2, Lumber Conveyor

This wood processing system consists of Mathews chain driven live roller (CDLR) infeed staging conveyors to receive and accumulate stacks of plywood. The load automatically is positioned in line with the Signode PSF-2 power strap feeder. The operator feeds in a bottom batten and places edge protection, then runs the strap around the load, tensions and seals it. The load is released to the next position(s) based on load length, and all straps are completed. The bottom battens are traveling on dual strand (81X) lumber conveyor. When the load is complete, it continues to an air operated side transfer, where it is tilted off the chains and accumulates for fork truck removal.

Newell 2000 Accumulation Conveyors Newell 2000 90 degree Turntable Newell 2000 90 degree Turntable with load

This conveying system consists of Newell 2000 Series conveyors acting as accumulation zones, handling wooden skids and pallets from robotic cells and manual entry to a strapping and stretch wrapping station. The air operated Turntables allow 90 degree entry from the robotic cells and into the strapping stations.

Newell 2000 Compressor, Infeed, and Popup Chain Transfer Newell 2000 Popup Chain Transfer Newell 2000 Scissors Lift

This packaging system consists of a floor-level scissors lift which raises a plastic pallet load up to infeed height. The load is then pushed from the side to position it for strapping, it then compressed from above while being strapped in the girth direction. After being strapped with two girth straps the load moves to a popup Chain Transfer which moves it 90 degrees from the first direction through another strapper for two length straps. The load then proceeds to be lowered onto the outfeed conveyors.

Newell 2000 Transfer Car Newell 2000 Turntable and Chain Transfer

The Transfer Car uses a Newell 2000 Series conveyor mounted to a frame with either V-grooved or single flanged crane wheels.

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