Newell Equipment Company was founded in 1955 by Charles (Chuck) P. Newell, a Georgia Tech engineering graduate, and ex Naval Officer. The company originally represented American Monorail, a patented track crane manufacturer, now called TC/American. Concentrating on engineered systems to help improve material handling, Newell Equip. Co. soon became a distributor of Logan Conveyors. The areas where we needed equipment that was not readily available became another opportunity for growth. Adding engineering staff and a fabrication shop allowed Newell Equip. Co. to handle complete systems and perform their own installation.

In 1985, Newell Equip. Co. was purchased by John W. Moses, also a Georgia Tech engineering graduate, and ex Naval Officer. With a background in nuclear power while in the Navy, John quickly increased the use of computers and programmable controllers for the material handling systems that Newell Equip. Co. were installing. An agreement with Signode Corporation in 1985 to become one of their O.E.M.'s added packaging as one of Newell Equip. Co.'s main concentrations. In 1993, Logan Conveyors went out of business, and Newell became a distributor for Mathews Conveyors, which has been around for almost 100 years. In addition to these companies, Newell also represents several scissors lift lines, hoisting equipment companies, and miscellaneous other material handling lines.

Newell Equipment Company has installed fully automated packaging systems in Canada, throughout the United States, and in Mexico. In the Southeast we also offer unique material handling solutions for our many clients today. Always ensuring that the final project meets or exceeds the customer's expectations before going on to the next project has ensured lifelong friendships and partners.

Newell Equipment Company offers complete system layout, design, manufacturing, and installation of engineered package handling systems designed to fit your specific needs, from the most basic material handling needs, to fully automated systems. Installed using our experienced staff, familiar with all commonly available programmable controllers. Let us show you how a properly designed and installed system can save you time and money, as well as provide additional safety in your plant.