• Chain conveyors are used for handling skids and pallets with the bottom boards running perpendicular to the chains. They are also used for outfeeds from a lumber compression/strapping station (Signode MP-44) after the bottom battens have been strapped to the load.
  • Multiple strands available to handle various load styles.
  • Chain track can be UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) plastic or steel.
  • Chains are roller chain (#50, #60, or #80), conveyor chain (#2050 or #2060), or lumber chain (81X).
  • Can be combined with side transfers using a tilting air operated gravity roller section.

  chainconvtop     chainconvside     chainxfer2005end


Standard is #60 roller chain, but available in #50, #80, #2050, #2060, 81X or to your specifications.

Chain Track:

UHMW chain profile with raised section for chain rollers to run on and side guides.


Martin ball bearing sprockets for idlers on the ends.


Structural weldment with structural angle and bar running track supports, take-ups are adjustable jack bolt style, individual take-ups for each chain.


Dodge Tigear II reducer with Baldor TEFC motor, 3/4HP standard, speeds 30-90FPM.