• Designed for plastic and wooden pallets, when transferring into a length strapping station, but also can be used for any product by modifying the correct chain centers.
  • Multiple strand chains (from two to five strands) can be placed to match the load requirements.
  • Chain track can be UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) plastic or steel.
  • Chains are either #50, #60, or #80 roller chain or extended pitch conveyor chain.
  • Transfers are either through the idler side and pivoted using air bags or in between the frames using a wedge lift with horizontal air cylinder to raise the transfer on four cam rollers, keeping it truly vertical durring travel.

  chainxfer2005top      chainxfer2005side     chainxfer2005end


Standard is #50 roller chain, but available in #60, #80, #2050, #2060, or to your specifications.

Chain Track:

UHMW chain profile with raised section for chain rollers to run on and side guides.


Martin ball bearing sprockets for idlers on the ends.


Structural weldment with formed 'Z' running track supports, takeups are adjustable jack bolt style, individual takeups for each chain.


Dodge Tigear II reducer with Baldor TEFC motor, 1/2 HP standard, speeds 30-90FPM.