• Newell manufactures air and hydraulic compression stations to be used with side seal Signode strapping machines. These units have been used for compressing corrugated material, lumber, veneer, rolls of straw, textiles, and two piece cartons with compressible materials. Any item requiring compression for load integrity or reduced load volume can be a candidate for these machines. Each unit is designed around the customer’s requirements, with air used up to 4,000# compression and hydraulic up to 24,000# compression.
  • The Newell Single Strap Compressor is designed to fit on either side of a side seal Signode strapping machine, to compress a load while in the strapping machine. These units are used with Signode MCD-710's, SP-710's, Suretyer's, PSF-2 power strap feeders, and the newer MOD-710's.
  • The Newell Dual Strap Compressor was originally designed for plastic pallets of yarn, but have been used since then for corrugated plants, two piece cartons, and foam. The unit has integral Newell 2000 Series or Newell 2005 Series conveyor with slots for the Signode side seal strapping machines. They include an integral air operated pusher with back stop.
  • We have built and installed up to four automatic Signode strapping machines into our compressors, with up to 24,000# compression.
  • Available with Signode top sealing heads and pallet void feeding devices (PVFA's).

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Newell is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for Signode, a multinational manufacturer of strapping and stretch wrapping equipment. Our partnership with Signode has allowed us to design specialty equipment for strapping and stretch wrapping lumber, textiles, concrete block, metal, plastic, and loads of all types. We have modified many of the standard Signode machines to allow automation for very specific applications.

The following is a brochure for our Newell/Signode MHG Top Seal Strapping System. This brochure is in Adobe® Reader® format. If you have difficulty viewing this file please click the image below to download Adobe® Reader®.


Newell designs and manufactures strapping and stretch wrapping systems for use with Signode, OMS, Cyclops, Strapex, Mima, Muller, Lantech and various other manufacturers of packaging equipment. Drawing on our experience from multiple industries, we design an automated solution specific to your application. We always use the simplest design possible to achieve the best end result for the operator and for the lowest maintenance requirements.

Air operated pushers are used to align loads against a side seal strapping machine head. The pusher can be stand alone behind a conveyor, or built under the conveyor frame. Combined with a backstop on the opposite side from the pusher, this helps maintain tight straps.