• Motorized transfer cars with integral conveyor are used to move product to and from multiple lines. Normally used to pick up off of multiple packing stations or to deliver to multiple outfeed conveyors for product sorting and accumulation.
  • Newell transfer cars run above the floor, either on inverted angle track set on the floor using V-grooved wheels, or on crane rails poured flush with the floor using single flanged wheels.
  • Can be supplied with Newell 2000 Series conveyor with 3-1/4" roller centers, Newell 2005 Series conveyor with 3" roller centers, or standard Mathews Conveyors.
  • Includes AGV style safety bumpers each end with safety relay.
  • Includes flashing light and horn while traveling.
  • Power supplied using overhead flat cable festoon track or on the floor using plastic carrier track (IGUS).
  • Low profile available down to 12" top of roller, 10" if rails set in the floor.

  xfercartop       xfercarside      xfercarend


6" diameter solid steel machined wheels, either V-grooved or flat with single flange.


1-5/8" diameter shafting with Dodge Type SC pillow block bearings.


Structural Steel Weldment using structural angles and supports to mount a conveyor section. Newell 2000 Series, Newell 2005 Series, or Mathews Conveyors as required by the application.


Dodge Tigear II reducer with Baldor DC Motor, 1HP standard, speeds 30-120FPM.